transformation.  what's that?

transformation is where nothing has changed and yet everything is different. huh?

my favourite old analogy should help you understand this seeming paradox:

centuries ago, people believed that the earth was flat and that there was an edge at the horizon where you could fall off.

this was their context for life, everyone believed it to be true.

if you had somebody from that time and brought them to the edge of the ocean as a result of that context they would feel terrified, their heart would be beating rapidly.  if you asked them if they wanted to swim they would most likely decline and if you asked them to go out on a boat with you they would probably look at you as if you were mad.

now, centuries later, we know that there is gravity, the earth is a sphere, there is no edge and you cannot fall off earth.  

this is our context for life.

nothing has changed (in reality, it has always been like this), yet now everything is different.  a whole new world is available.

so, if you were able to transport that person from the past and bring them to the edge of the ocean, inside this new context, now they would not be terrified.  they'd probably be relaxed and may even wish to go for a swim or out in the boat.  commerce beyond the horizon would now be possible for them.  nothing would have changed with them, yet everything would be different.  they would have seen for themselves or been shown the flawed, insufficient nature of the previous context and now see reality and what it allows for.  they may be a little tentative at first, given their previous conditioning, but what is possible for them has transformed.

nothing would have changed, but everything would be different.  imagine you got coaching from us where you got to see the limiting contexts that are running you (giving you what you think, feel, say and do/ don't do).  imagine you were able to see the reality they had obscured.  imagine what that would make available in your relationships, productivity, satisfaction, enjoyment and happiness in life.

if you're interested in accessing that, then we invite you to contact us.