we value the following things:


we love to see things work and to see people lit up when living their lives guided by what they say is important



we love to see people having the courage to drop pretence and be real


we love to see people undertaking things for no other reason than it gives them joy


we love to see people in full communication, with nothing hidden



we love to see people enlivened and free from the constraints of the past


we love to see people committed to being at ease rather than being right



we love to see people making space for people’s nonsense and loving them anyway

we live these values.  we are them.  every day.


we know that you have everything you need to deal with life and the coaching.  we assert that some things which may be useful for what you're up to in life are hidden from your view.  the coaching allows you to see those things.  that can, at times, be uncomfortable. you can handle it.


if you come to work with us you will be challenged.  do not come to us if you just want a cheerleader and are unwilling to be challenged.  


during the coaching you may well experience some, or all, of the following feelings: euphoria, joy, elation, happiness, sadness, fear, envy, love, despair, depression and anger.  if you are unwilling to experience any of these emotions then do not come to us for coaching. 


just as you are in life, you are responsible for managing your well being at all points during the coaching.

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free coaching for you?

brian sometimes coaches people for no cost.  generally, it is for people who cannot afford what we provide, people who are up to something that he would love to empower and people who inspire him by what they are taking on.

think that might be you?  contact us here: