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people of all backgrounds and religions, from the rich and powerful to the poor and powerful

be who you've always wanted to be

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your predicament?

People don't want to give up their jealousies and anxieties, their resentment and guilt, because these negative emotions provide them with their 'kicks,' the feeling of being alive," said the Master.


And he illustrated his point with this story:


The local postman took a shortcut through a meadow on his bicycle. Midway across, a bull spied him and gave chase.  The poor fellow barely made it to the fence.


"Nearly got you, didn't he?" said the Master, who had watched the scene.


"Yes," said the old man, puffing. "Nearly gets me every time."


Extract from Awakening; Conversations with the Master. 365 Daily meditations by Anthony de Mello.

if you are interested in working with us to bring to light the unseen ways that you operate which contribute to the issues you repeatedly encounter and if you wish to reveal some hidden (& absurd!) obstacles and illusions which, when seen and dropped, allow you to produce extraordinary leaps in performance, relationships, communication and satisfaction in life, then please contact us.  we'd love to work with you.

unprompted testimonials

"I've spent thousands and thousands on NLP over the years.  I've done counselling.  I've done workshops with Eckhart Tolle. I've read his books and I've read all the books by Deepak Chopra and all the others ..... and yet I've never quite got it.  With you, I get it!!"

"I am happy and have been now for some time and I have NEVER been truly happy before."

"This was my most empowering experience in 20 years.  I got enough to last a lifetime...  You have been an inspiration to me."

"In the 12 months of my coaching I made an astronomical improvement in these areas compared to the achievements I made in the 35 years before that."  .... (& his wife says)... "The person I get to know after being with for 15 years is the person I always wanted. I tried to change him and open his mind for things that were important to me but nothing happened. You have achieved that. He now really wants to understand himself, new things and me."