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mermoz ltd. was created by brian gilmore in july 2000. we provide transformational coaching. we have some of the most highly trained and practised coaches in the world. we work with clients from 25 countries in the world.

we coach human beings from diverse backgrounds, business sectors and levels. they happen to be main board directors of large international companies; cfo, coo, md, customer service directors, general managers of 10,000+ people sites; doctors; nhs trust managers; small & medium-sized business owners; pilots; long-haul cabin crew; vp of marketing for banks; heads of marketing for worldwide credit card companies; operations managers; psychologists; charity board members; charity workers; mothers, maids, musicians, published authors. etc - people from a huge number of nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, religions and socio-economic groups. we see people as human beings first – without labels. we deal with their humanness. that is why we are successful and why the coaching transcends all imagined barriers – cultural, socio-economic etc.

we make a profound difference and have fun. we make something else possible for people and organisations.
we’re not perfect - we make errors too. we clean them up when we make them.

the employees of mermoz more than match their paid work with unpaid/ pro-bono work - another way we contribute to humanity. for example, brian has provided £2,179,800 of unpaid transformational work to individuals, families and organisations as of 1st january 2019. we are also net co2 'taker-outers.' we take more co2 out of the atmosphere every year in our business operations than we put in. we are an ethical business.

below are two short passages that point to what we provide for people:

"People don't want to give up their jealousies and anxieties, their resentment and guilt, because these negative emotions provide them with their 'kicks,' the feeling of being alive," said the Master.

And he illustrated his point with this story:

The local postman took a shortcut through a meadow on his bicycle. Midway across, a bull spied him and gave chase. The poor fellow barely made it to the fence.

"Nearly got you, didn't he?" said the Master, who had watched the scene.

"Yes," said the old man, puffing. "Nearly gets me every time."

Extract from Awakening; Conversations with the Master. 365 Daily meditations by Anthony de Mello.

The human condition is perfectly depicted in the case of the poor drunk standing late at night outside the park, beating on the fence, and yelling, “Let me out!”

Only your illusions prevent you from seeing that you are – and always have been – free.

Extract from The Heart of the Enlightened by Anthony de Mello (Enlightenment)

if you are interested in working with us to bring to light the unseen ways that you operate which contribute to the issues you repeatedly encounter and if you wish to reveal some hidden (& absurd!) obstacles and illusions which, when seen and dropped, allow you to produce extraordinary leaps in performance, relationships, communication and satisfaction in life, then please contact us. we'd love to work with you.

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